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Reach out & let your mind explore
Neon signs and Lamps for your room

Reach out & let your mind explore

Immerse yourself in incredible new worlds, find yourself in the center of fascinating universes and try new ways to play while surrounding yourself with incredible new vibes.

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Aroma humidifiers with backlight
Provide yourself with a comfortable microclimate

Aroma humidifiers with backlight

Benefits: Get rid of fatigue and nervous tension, increases efficiency, strengthens the immune system, improves facial skin, and improves mood, all while making your space smell great.

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What Clients Says

The quality is very good, the installation is very simple, the brightness is perfect, the color is particularly good-looking, the price of installation in the living room is really soft and not dazzling, a trustworthy store, as expected, the quality is good, not hot, perm connection is also very convenient, a variety of colors can be changed, I will recommend it to my neighbors, it is really a very good product.

Brooke Herrera

Bought this when looking for nano leaf lights but found that they were going for $200 and after looking a bit more I found these and purchased them, I can say that after a few day of having them they were 100% worth the price only complaint is that each time you change the colors it goes back to full brightness and you have to manually turn it back down each time.

Ellen Fletcher

I've had a number of wireless mice over the years and bought this one solely for work purposes. The grip is hard plastic and is not a rubber grip, but still feels good. The plastic is nice and smooth, the purple is more pink but still nice. The forward and back buttons work great and do not get in the way with regular use. Nice sized and tracks well on the mouse pad.


I would highly recommend this chair. For the price it is a lot better than chairs that are more expensive and I was not expecting the quality of this chair. This chair has been a great addition to our computer/gaming room. The chair has been used by everyone in the household, at this point. Everyone enjoys using it and relaxing on it. Overall, I am very happy with this product.

Bill Burgess

 I was shocked when I turned on this star projector. It is gorgeous and romantic. Also, it is very suitable for listening to music and watching the light change with the rhythm of the music when you are with your partner. Of course, one can also enjoy the starry sky light! By the way. Is facility and portable. It doesn’t take up any space. I love it.

YingZhi X.

The timer feature this light has is great for me because it lights up my room enough to let me get drowsy right before bed!
I don't have dimmable lights at home, so this was a fun alternative for me. My cat enjoys it too now that the bright lights aren't on all the time and there's a nice blue color that my room takes on!