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  • Portable:4 USB ports charging is compact and light, car charger adaptors thumb-shaped body is small, easy to carry, you can take car USB adaptor with you
  • 4 Ports: USB car charger has 4 high power USB ports, which can meet the requirements of fast charging
  • Safety protection: The car phone charger has over current protection, over-voltage protection, overheat protection, short circuit protection, anti-electromagnetic interference
  • LED light: The USB plug is equipped with LED light and translucent PC iris, which is elegant and has no visual impairment at night
  • Button: Fast car charging has a retractable button for better connection and is not easy to disconnect
  • Advanced: intelligent circuit safety system prevents short circuits, overheating, overcurrent, and overcharge.
  • Use: your existing USB charging cable to charge most USB-powered devices.

USB car charger
-Color: Black.
-Material: Plastic.
-Size: 7x3.6x3.6 cm/2.76x1.42x1.42 inch.
Technical parameter:
output:4USB 5V-7A.
USB1 : 9V-2A 5V-3A.
USB2 :9V 12V--1.8A 5v-2.1A.
USB3: 9V 12V--1.8A 5v-2.1A.
USB4 :9V 12V--1.8A 5v-2.1A.

Charge all your devices on long road trips or on the go without 4 in one charger.
Never fight over who gets the cord with this simple solution.
Fast charging with 48W ensures you get the best charging speed possible while mobile.